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We help founders build the most disruptive companies at the edge of Synthetic Biology and A.I.

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AI Accelerator for
Synthetic Biology

We think that these paradigms have changed and that the convergence of Synthetic Biology and Artificial Intelligence brings an unprecedented area.

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We support:

We are looking for founders who wants to build the most disruptive companies at the edge of Synthetic Biology and A.I.
While we are building our AI accelerator at the moment and onboarding our first cohort of #techbio startups, we are proud to support the following startups:

Our approach:



We have an organic discovery process through our unique Computing Foundation for Synthetic Biology , OpenSynBio, which has allowed us to have more than 800 startups from pre-seed to Serie C aligned with our vision.



We will work with you closely during 6-12 months to help you build your cloud and data operations.



We invest capital into the startups joining our program, and more than 1 M$ in value per startup in Cloud infrastructure and AI training and will support your next fundraise within one year by introducing you t our network of amazing investors.

Our approach:

Our AI x SynBio accelerator is a 6–12 months program where we work with startups to help them go from 0 to 1 in leveraging computing technologies to fast forward their research and development lifecycle.




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we build for:

Advances in biological sciences, combined with the accelerating development of artificial intelligence(AI), are fueling a new wave of innovation that could have significant impact in sectors across the economy, from healthcare and agriculture to consumer goods and energy.

Consumer Goods

With a market representing more than $600 million per year in the United States alone, the Consumer Goods industry is poised to be disrupted, from skincare with advanced bio-designed proteins to lab-grown leather leading the way to a more sustainable retail industry.


Climate tech companies are transforming the world’s largest markets with innovative sustainable alternatives. As political capital becomes more focused on policy change surrounding global warming, and consumers demanding climate responsibility from brands, sustainable products are seeing higher growth rates than their non-sustainable alternatives.

Drugs & Therapeutics

Drugs & Therapeutics is changing and with the exponential growth of the knowledge base on cells, we are discovering, evaluating, and validating drug targets and therapeutic candidates at a faster pace that advance the next generation of immunomodulatory drugs.


Though still in its infancy, the longevity ecosystem is already attracting an influx of funding from investors, academic institutions, and governments. With more than 50 longevity-focused companies raising more than $1 billion in venture funding as of 2020—a sizable amount that continues to rise due to the growing conviction that the longevity market could outstrip the existing health care market in the long run.

Food & Agriculture

Our agriculture industry relies for now on the massive use of fertilizers which have a significant impact on both our health and the environment. Reinventing fertilizers, synthetic biology can be used to create living products based on soil microbes.


Biomanufacturing supported by single-use technologies has seen strong growth in the recent years and this was further accelerated during the pandemic crisis.


Improving on traditional technologies like low-throughput microscopy and electrophysiological and imaging approaches, genetic techniques open the window to the development of a range of tools dedicated to the recording, control and eventually repair of neural dynamics.


With a world population peaking out soon at 10 billion people, we can't just have agriculture like we had 6,000 years ago; we need more efficient methods and not just genetically-modified organisms and fertilizers here on Earth but a new technology paradigm shift leveraging the power of micro-gravity environments to grow drugs & therapeutics in different ways and bring the benefits back to Earth.

Global Presence:

Our vision means to support the development of the bioeconomy worldwide and we are scaling globally to support founders from our ecosystem in multiple locations.

Our partners:

We are proud of having a leading team composed of partners in Europe,US and Asia who have worked in Cloud & A.I and Synthetic Biology and have advised and mentored hundreds of startups.

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